“Hear” Our Patients

Wonderful Care and Support

“I had hearing aids from a different company and they looked just my new ones from Physicians Hearing Center; however, that is where the similarities stop.  My devices from Physicians Hearing Center have a far superior sound quality with no feedback.  The audiologists have provided wonderful care and support.  I trust their advice and would highly recommend them for all your hearing needs!”

Pat Jonson, Donalsonville, GA

I Love Going to Physicians Hearing Center

“At church, Sunday School, and in large groups, the hearing instruments have made a great improvement.  I love going to Physician’s Hearing Center because there are ENT physicians in the same location to take care of all my hearing health care needs.”

Kelly Brock, Chipley, FL

Love the New Technology

“I upgraded to new hearing devices.  I love this new amazing technology.  I never have feedback anymore and there is just no comparison between my old technology and my new devices.”

Ronald C, Cottonwood, AL

Help in More Ways Than One

“My new hearing devices help me in more ways than one.  I can hear on the phone and the TV perfectly.  I love it!”

Leon W, Dothan, AL

I Forget I’m Wearing Them

Dianne is a patient, and an employee, of Physican’s Hearing Center.  She always gets to wear the best devices on the market.

“The new OPN devices are clearer than any other devices I have ever experienced.  There is minimal background noise, and you forget you are even wearing them.  I can hear things that were not possible with other systems.  They are wonderful!”

Dianne B, Dothan AL

I can hear things I have not heard in years

Everything is great with my new hearing aids from Physicians Hearing Center.  I can hear things I have not heard in years.  I can hear our pastor, I can understand in a restaurant, I can hear!  I am so happy and proud of my new devices.

Myra McKnight, Dothan, AL

I hate that I waited so long

I hate that I waited so long before treating my hearing loss.  I am grateful for my wife who encouraged me to get help, and I am apologetic to her for not doing something about my hearing loss sooner.  The professionalism and kindness I received from Physicians Hearing Center is greatly appreciated and the cost was not bad either.  All levels were offered and there was no pressure.  The audiologists were true professionals from the beginning to the end.  They are not there to just sell a hearing aid.  They are out to help.

Gerald Love, Dothan, AL

No More Repeats!

My favorite thing about my husband’s hearing devices is I don’t have to repeat everything 10 times.

Mrs. Pat Yeargrain, Andalusia, AL

Speech is easy to understand

Our new OPN hearing devices are so much clearer.  Speech is easy to understand.  These are the best devices we have ever had.  Go to Physicians Hearing Center; they are great!

Sandy & Debbie Drykes, Dothan, AL

Successful Hearing Aid Wearer

“I had a very bad taste for hearing aids before coming to Physicians Hearing Center.  My prior experience was terrible.  Thanks to the professionals at Physicians Hearing Center, I am now a successful hearing aid user.  I love my new devices and would recommend them to everyone!”  Felix Davis, Blakley, GA

Hearing Devices Do Work

“Don’t let people tell you that hearing devices don’t work, because they do!  I have not has a bit of trouble and my new devices from Physicians Hearing Center work great!  It is amazing what the new technology can do, and I am so proud of my new ear!”  Bertha Etheridge, Dothan, AL

I Can Hear The Birds

“I can hear the birds sing again, and all the beautiful sounds of nature.  It is just amazing.  Thank you, Physicians Hearing Center!”  Brenda Mendheim, Dothan, AL

Energy in Hearing

“It is wonderful!  I did not realize what I was missing.  It had gotten where I did not want to go to church anymore.  Now, I hear everything the pastor has to say.  It is so good not to have to ask someone to repeat, and I am no longer exhausted at the end of the day.  My devices have provided me energy because I no longer have to strain to hear.”  Louise Bland, Eufaula, AL

Love my OPN Device

“I have been wearing my OPN device since June, and the Bluetooth functions are amazing.  I was frustrated when trying to hear my son and understand him, so I was ready to improve hearing.  I wear my device all day every day, and it has been a game changer for me!”   – Rick Rikard, Dothan, AL