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Hearing Aid Technology

Digital Hearing Aid Features and Technology Levels

Hearing aids have drastically improved over the years thanks to digital technology. While traditional analog hearing aids amplify sound, digital hearing aids amplify the right sounds. This new technology makes it possible to have a conversation in a noisy room, talk on the telephone and listen to your favorite television program.

Here are just some of the benefits of digital hearing aids:

Hearing the right sounds

Directional microphones and noise reduction technology adjust the volume of the noises around you automatically to help you focus on essential sounds, such as voices and music. Some also have a manual control for your to adjust to ensure you hear all the sounds you want to hear.  

Bluetooth compatibility

Bluetooth technology allows you to connect with external devices using radio waves so you can listen to audio devices in a hands-free format. This technology will enable you to stream audio directly from your wireless device to your hearing aid with limited interference. Some signals are strong enough to allow you to be 30 feet away from your wireless device and still enjoy the audio.  

Feedback reduction

The high-pitched whistle you may hear when talking on the phone with traditional hearing aids is the acoustic feedback. It is caused when sound leaks from the ear canal and back into the microphone of the hearing aid. Digital hearing aids now have a feedback manager that helps reduce this feedback. The amount of feedback you hear can also depend on the severity of your hearing loss or if your hearing aid is not fitted correctly.

More listening channels

Hearing aids with listening channels can be programmed to accommodate your hearing loss more accurately. The function of your hearing aid can be enhanced thanks to sound environments being analyzed through these sound channels to help determine the volume your hearing aid is set at in each situation. The severity of your hearing loss will determine the proper number of listening channels you should have on your hearing aid.

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