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3 Signs You Should Get a Hearing Test

senior receiving hearing test from specialist

Having good hearing is undeniably one of the best things you can experience in life. You can lead a fulfilling, productive and happy life when your hearing is good. However, some people experience hearing loss, and the symptoms might get stronger as they age.

There are many reasons people should get a hearing test from an audiologist. If one or more of the following signs apply to you, they can be strong indicators that you need to schedule an appointment with an audiologist for a hearing test.

You Struggle to Understand People

One of the leading signs that you need to schedule an appointment with an audiologist for a hearing test is that you struggle to understand people. For example, you might find that it’s difficult to hear what people are saying to you in social settings, especially in crowds.

You may also find it challenging if you’re often faced with social situations in noisy environments or outdoors. When you struggle to understand what people are saying, you should book a hearing test to correct the issue.

You Can Only Hear People When They Face You

Another telltale sign that you could be experiencing hearing loss and may need a hearing test is when you can only understand people that are facing you. The reason for that is simple: your brain can pick up visual cues from other people to help you process and interpret what they are saying if they are facing you. If they are to your side, behind you or in front of you but not facing you, you will likely struggle to hear them.

You Keep Missing Phone Calls

Do you find that you keep missing phone calls, either at home or on your mobile phone? Plus, is the reason you keep missing those calls because you seldom hear your phone ringing?
If the answer to both of those questions is yes, now is an excellent time to consider scheduling a hearing test with an audiologist. After all: the last thing you want to do is miss receiving an important phone call, especially if you aren’t near your phone when it rings.

You Feel Physically Drained

The trouble with experiencing hearing loss is that you feel physically drained. That’s because you have to concentrate more on what people are saying to you, and your mind is working overtime trying to interpret all incoming conversations.

A hearing test can identify if you’re experiencing hearing loss, and your audiologist will recommend the best hearing aids for your needs. They will give you all the support you need, plus you’ll end up with improved hearing clarity and won’t feel so drained anymore.

You've Got Exposed to Loud Noises

When you were younger, did you spend much time listening to music at loud volumes, especially close to audio speakers? Do you have a career where your job requires you to use very loud machinery and equipment, such as construction sites or factories?

Should you answer yes to either of those questions, and you’ve had prolonged exposure to loud noises and sounds, it’s worth getting your hearing checked out in a hearing test. Your audiologist can determine the severity of any hearing loss and make recommendations to improve the situation.

You Haven't Had a Hearing Assessment Before

It’s easy to assume that the only people who should have a hearing test are those experiencing some degree of hearing loss. The truth is, everyone should have hearing tests every three years or so.

Hearing assessments are practical steps to ensure good health, just like how you would have annual health checkups with your doctor. A hearing test can get conducted on adults and children, and your audiologist will recommend when to have your next one.

You Are Middle Aged

Lastly, are you in your middle ages? If you’re at least 40 years old, it makes sense to schedule a hearing test with an audiologist, and that’s because hearing loss becomes more pronounced at that age.

Diminished hearing can continue as you get older, as it’s one of the signs of the aging process. Did you know that hearing aids can significantly reverse the effects of hearing loss in people, especially those that are middle aged?

Hearing loss affects people from all walks of life, not just older adults. If you worry that you might be experiencing hearing loss, it makes sense to schedule an appointment with an audiologist at the Physicians Hearing Center by calling 334-673-7399.