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CROS Hearing Systems

Binaural hearing, or hearing with both ears, is natural and allows us to hear sounds more accurately. It provides us with balance and a better sense of direction and location of each sound’s source.

Approximately 80% of people with hearing loss experience it in both ears, and many hearing professionals are accustomed to treating patients with binaural hearing loss. So, what happens if you’re part of the 20% with only one ear affected by hearing loss?

At Physicians Hearing Center, located in Dothan, Alabama, we serve patients with binaural hearing loss as well as unilateral hearing loss (or hearing loss in one ear).  We carry Phonak and Oticon CROS and BiCROS hearing systems, hearing solutions designed specifically for people with hearing loss in one ear, and for those with hearing loss worse in one ear than the other.

The CROS is used for those with hearing loss in one ear and normal hearing in the other. The microphone transmits sound from your poor ear and sends it to the receiver on your better ear.

The BiCROS benefits those who have hearing impairment in both ears, but the hearing loss in one ear is worse than the other. It works by transmitting sounds from the microphone located on your poor ear, transmitting it to your better ear and then amplifying the sound so that you can hear it more effectively.

The CROS and BiCROS improve your ability to participate in conversations, providing you with increased confidence and an improvement in your overall quality of life. And at Physicians Hearing Center, that’s exactly what we want for you. Discover the difference in Dothan, at Physicians Hearing Center, where we evaluate and treat hearing loss in one or both ears!